The vacation is over

So, my holiday is over. Today I was assigned to an strategic planning activity for an area I have never worked at. But that's ok, this is part of the challenge. I'll will be working on it only for a few days. From June 14th on, it seems that I'll be working for a huge cosmetics company in São Paulo. I don't have many details, but I like their products, they have a similar business plan as The Body Shop and I think it'll be really good to work with a different industry from Telecom.

The sad part is that it's not in Rio. I really hoped that I could be home for a while but because I had to come back earlier, I did not have time to find a project here and right now I just can't say: "sorry but I want to stay in Rio...". So, São Paulo here I go!

It is not thaaaat bad. Ok, SP is bad, no beach, lots of pollution, crazy traffic jams, etc... But at least it is only 40 min flight from Rio and I have some friends there! And, I hope it will not be for a long time. Let's see.

I'm still missing my Melbourne life so much... It is not that I didn't want to come back home, honestly I'm really happy to be home: I will not mention that I missed my husband because it is obvious, but now I can meet and talk to Flavinha whenever I want, I can hold my Ping all the time, I can sleep in my bed and have Brazilian food!!! So it's perfect. But I can't deny I miss my Melbournian life... And I started feeling really sad about it this weekend.

With the sadness came the guilt. But thanks to my dear sister-in-law Maria now I know that this is perfectly normal. After spending a long time away from home and kind of having "another" life, it is normal to miss it. She said she felt the same after she came back from her one year experience in Belgium. And at that time there was no Internet that could make possible for her to keep in touch with her family in Brazil or her friends in Belgium, whe she came back. She's a psychologist so I guess she knows what she's saying.

So now I don't feel that guilty anymore, but still a little bit sad... Hope it will get better with time.


Anonymous said...

We miss you a lot too Renata, Melbourne is a lot quieter without you :-)
It was so good having you here but I am coming to Rio to visit you, Markus and Ping for sure!
And keep up the blog, I am checking all the time!
Meeta xx

Kim said...

Congrats on the new project! I'm sure you'll do great and start racking up the frequent flier miles every week! :)
Melbourne misses you too!!!

Renata Torres said...

Actually I think that I'll be flying those cheap airlines that don't give miles :( You know how it is here in this poor country...

Maria Fabriani said...

Vai melhorar sim, queridoca. É um investimento emocional "se mudar" prum outro país, mesmo que sendo por um tempo determinado. Quando se têm uma quebra abrupta nesse investimento, os sentimentos não acompanham. Fica tudo uma confusão só. Mas passa. E Sampa é chato porém é perto. E os projetos só podem ser interessantes. Eu tenho certeza que você vai dar conta, queridoca. Eu te conheco. Um beijo enorme!