Now we have to win

Right now it's all about the Pan American games! The city is a mess, constructions all over the place, because as good brazilians, especially cariocas, everything is left for the last time.

I hope everything is ready in time!!! Anyway, we've bought lots of tickets to watch several games, from volleyball to soccer, beach volley and athletism (I don't know if this is right). I'm very happy because we got tickets for the soccer finals!! They started selling it yesterday night on the Pan American games website and we got it!

The only problem is that now the Brazilian team has to be in the finals, otherwise it will be really bad... At least we got tickets for Brazil x Equador.

I have news: I'm not projectless anymore. Tomorrow I'll start a new project. The good news is that it's in Rio. But, it is in TIM. It's karma, there is no other explanation... But I'm ok with it, I have to be. Deep breaths and everything will be fine... The italians follow me everywhere, or I follow them, I'm not sure...


Maria Fabriani said...

hahaha, tá vendo? A italianada não te deixa! Hohoho E conte pra gente tudo sobre o Pan, ok? Nossa, que bacana. Queria estar aí! (ou talvez não, a cidade deve estar um caos!) Beijocas.

Kimberly said...

Congrats on the tickets! Sorry I couldn't chat before. Today is my last day before I leave this continent....and who knows if I'll return!?!
Please take pictures of the man with the suit and heels!!!

Renata Torres said...

A cidade está ficando um caos, mas ainda dá para aturar... Mas é obra para tudo quanto é lado. Não quero nem ver como vai ser quando começarem a chegar os turistas e o jogos iniciarem. De qualquer forma estmos animados!

The guy is not here anymore, he went back to Italy two years ago...
Enjoy your stay in Chicago and have fun!!!