There is nothing going on

It's been a week since I wrote my last post. This means that either I don't have anything interesting to say or I'm working a lot.

I would say both things are true. Since I started this new project I've been very busy and arriving home late at night, due to the traffic between Barra and Botafogo. Also, my weekends have been boring, nothing interesting to do, once Marcos has been very busy studying for his MBA.

This weekend will not be different but at least we have two parties on Saturday, I hope to dance a lot!

Ah, and next week we'll go to Marisa Monte's concert, for free! We were invited by Citroen, as VIP customers, hahaha. They don't know that we sold our car and don't intend to by a new one for a long time now...

Just to make this post worthy I would like to register my support to the lady that was beaten by the 5 guys last weekend. I hope that justice is made and these animals stay in jail for a long time. Unfortunatly we know that in our country those who have money are above the law. But I hope that this time they will get what they deserve!


Maria Fabriani said...

Querida, fiquei passada com o acontecido com a trabalhadora espancada pelos idiotas (estou sendo educada) na Barra. Comentei isso ontem, no telefone com meu pai, e ainda não consigo entender como esse tipo de coisa ainda acontece. São por essas e por outras que o Brasil não é mais o país do futuro. Que vergonha!

Kimberly said...

Hi Friend! Long time no post. I hope you had fun at the concert. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to that lady. That sounds awful!