Nice to meet you, I'm Luly Darcy

I would like to introduce myself, I'm Luly Darcy. I work for a famous web agency and right now I have a big challenge: to develop a marketing plan for a big Brazilian company to launch its services in Second Life.

My friend Renata lended me this space so I could exchange some ideas with her friends. At the moment we are just evaluating some ideas and starting to use Second Life to understand how this thing works. Let's say that it was a little bit disappointing when I installed the software, started to personalize myself and suddenly the computer froze. I will try again later and will publish a picture of my avatar here. Maybe I'll try to convince Renata to do the same...

I'll keep you guys posted about this... Keep coming here for news about my Second Life experience.


Sunny weekend in Rio

I decided to go back to my long walks (something that I started doing in Melbourne and helped me loosing some weight) and went with Marcos to Lagoa yesterday. It was a sunny beautiful day and we walked for more than 7km (the whole lagoon). I thought I was going to be very very tired, but was surprised that at the end I was fine.

After walking we had lunch at one of those kiosks, it was really a nice way to start the day. While we were walking, something caught my attention. Someone in the apartment in the next picture likes to show their art pieces through the window. I decided to register this... Very curious.

Today we will walk again, but at the beach this time.

Yesterday my friend Flavinha went to Haiti. She will spend 4 months there, working. I really hope everything will be fine with her and that she finds what she's looking for and come back soon. I'm gonna miss her a lot.


It's Indie Rock and Roll for me!!

So this is one of my favourite songs from The Killers, and I decided to use it as the title of this post, because today I got tickets for their concert here in Rio in October. And also, I got tickets for Arctic Monkeys concert, another indie band... Cool! I can´t wait!

Thanks to my friend Tania, we will go to these concerts with 20% discount! They will play at the TIM Festival, and TIM employees can buy tickets with discount and before everyone else! Once I'm no longer an employee, I have to ask my dear friends to use their benefits in my favor.


Bem-vindo Max!!!

O post de hoje é em homenagem ao meu querido Max, filho de meus queridos amigos Maria & Stephan.

Max, que você seja um menino muito feliz e que traga muitas alegrias para seus pais. Seus tios Marcos & Renata não vêem a hora de apertar você, ainda mais sabendo como você nasceu fofo!

Tia Rê


Finally I finished it

I have finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last Thursday. Honestly, I think the end was a little bit disappointed. I'm not sure if my opinion was influenced by a couple of friends that had already finished it and told me that they didn't like the end.

But the fact is that the book was good and at the end I think the author tried to make sense of something impossible to explain. I don't know, even if we consider that everything in the book is about magic, I think that she could end it in a more real context. Anyway, I think that the 4th book is the best of all seven, it's a turning point in the story and is still my favourite.

Now, I started reading The bookseller of Kabul. It will bring me back to the real world...

PS: I can't find out the reason why the book cover is so large in the picture below...


What goes around...Comes around

Lately I've been obssessed by this hit from JT. Actually, his last album is really good, I like all the songs, but especially this one.

Everyday when I'm going to or coming from work, I listen to it, because it's almost impossible not to. The radio is playing it all the time... People on the streets must think that I'm crazy, because when the song starts I increase the radio volume and it's impossible to avoid singing and dancing.

Now I want to put it as my ringtone, just have to copy it to my mobile. It's not that I identify myself with the lyrics, of course not, but the music is so good... I think he is one of the most talented artists at the moment. I read that he's doing a concert in Brazil this year, not sure when, but wherever it is, I'll be there.

"Don't wanna think about it
Don't wanna talk about it
I'm just so sick about it
I can't believe it's ending this way
Just so confused about it
Feeling the blues about it
I just can't do without ya
Tell me is this fate"


Busy weekend...

Gosh, I'm tired. This weekend was really busy...

On Saturday we had Julia's costume party, at Marcos's father house. You can can check our costumes out in the next pictures. The first picture shows me and Marcos with his grandmother, dressed as a witch. She is so cute.

The second picture, shows us with Marcos sisters Julia and Maria, and Chico, Marcos's brother-in-law.

And the third one, shows me and Maria with three of Julia's friends, dressed as the Blue Men group (they have inpersonated the blue men until the end of the party, they didn't talk at all). Cool! It was really fun! It was the first time I went to a costume party and I think it's really fun when everybody adheres and dresses up using creativity. Marcos said that next year, at his 35th birthday he will throw a costume party.

We stayed at the party until 2:30AM, because Marcos was going to do a barbecue at the next day to celebrate his birthday and we would need to wake up early.

We did the barbecue here at our building. They had done a very nice area for barbecues and it was the first time we used it. Our closest friends are all having babies now, so there were many children at the barbecue. The baby in the next picture is Gabriel, our good friends Denise & Alfredo's son and the cute little girl is Isabela, my good friend Marcia's daughter.