It's Indie Rock and Roll for me!!

So this is one of my favourite songs from The Killers, and I decided to use it as the title of this post, because today I got tickets for their concert here in Rio in October. And also, I got tickets for Arctic Monkeys concert, another indie band... Cool! I can´t wait!

Thanks to my friend Tania, we will go to these concerts with 20% discount! They will play at the TIM Festival, and TIM employees can buy tickets with discount and before everyone else! Once I'm no longer an employee, I have to ask my dear friends to use their benefits in my favor.


Kimberly said...

Can you read my mind?? Do do do do do

So that's my Killers lyric back to you! Congrats on the tickets. I can't wait to see them in Nov Down Under.

Maria Fabriani said...

Indie o quê???? Cuma???? :)

Simone Carrocino said...

que legal! nao sabia que eles estavam vindo. Quando vai ser? Vou ver se consigo estar no rio nesta data..

Renata Torres said...

Oi Kim!
This time I'll see them before you!!

Indie é como são chamadas as bandas independentes, ou seja, que não são lançadas por grandes gravadoras... São exemplos: The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand.
Entendeu agora, baby?

Oi Si,
O Arctic Monkeys será no dia 26/10 e o The Killers no dia 27/10.