Busy weekend...

Gosh, I'm tired. This weekend was really busy...

On Saturday we had Julia's costume party, at Marcos's father house. You can can check our costumes out in the next pictures. The first picture shows me and Marcos with his grandmother, dressed as a witch. She is so cute.

The second picture, shows us with Marcos sisters Julia and Maria, and Chico, Marcos's brother-in-law.

And the third one, shows me and Maria with three of Julia's friends, dressed as the Blue Men group (they have inpersonated the blue men until the end of the party, they didn't talk at all). Cool! It was really fun! It was the first time I went to a costume party and I think it's really fun when everybody adheres and dresses up using creativity. Marcos said that next year, at his 35th birthday he will throw a costume party.

We stayed at the party until 2:30AM, because Marcos was going to do a barbecue at the next day to celebrate his birthday and we would need to wake up early.

We did the barbecue here at our building. They had done a very nice area for barbecues and it was the first time we used it. Our closest friends are all having babies now, so there were many children at the barbecue. The baby in the next picture is Gabriel, our good friends Denise & Alfredo's son and the cute little girl is Isabela, my good friend Marcia's daughter.


Kimberly said...

The costumes looked great! I'm so glad you had a great time. Usually I'm averse to dressing up and am sort of happy I'll be missing Halloween this year...but after seeing your pictures, I might be sorry I miss it.

Maria Fabriani said...

A-D-O-R-E-I! Imagina, que legal, o Blue Men Group! UAU! Imagina se eu, Max e stefan estivermos no Rio ano que vem mais ou menos nessa época? Nós vamos à festa a fantasia de Marcos como suecos... HOHOHOHOHOHOHOH Beijocas!

Renata Torres said...

Hey Kim!
Yeah, we had a great time at the party! I think you should try to find out a Halloween party in Melbourne or organize a SDF Halloween party... One costume is already defined: Death Eater. Hahaha!

Oi Mary!
Foi muito legal mesmo! O Fabio estava de árabe e a Maria Lucia de anos 50. A festa foi um sucesso. Tomara mesmo que vocês estejam aqui no ano que vem. O Max poderia vir de Viking, olha que fofo... Nem sei se os vikings eram suecos :)


Mic said...

Rê, tu tava lindona, hein? Pra quem não tava gostando da fantasia... rs Adoro festas à fantasia, já são divertidas antes mesmo da festa começar!


Renata Torres said...

Oi Mic!
Obrigada!! Eu adorei a festa mesmo! Muito divertido!