Nice to meet you, I'm Luly Darcy

I would like to introduce myself, I'm Luly Darcy. I work for a famous web agency and right now I have a big challenge: to develop a marketing plan for a big Brazilian company to launch its services in Second Life.

My friend Renata lended me this space so I could exchange some ideas with her friends. At the moment we are just evaluating some ideas and starting to use Second Life to understand how this thing works. Let's say that it was a little bit disappointing when I installed the software, started to personalize myself and suddenly the computer froze. I will try again later and will publish a picture of my avatar here. Maybe I'll try to convince Renata to do the same...

I'll keep you guys posted about this... Keep coming here for news about my Second Life experience.


Maria Fabriani said...

Ihhh... o que eu vou escrever? Hi! I'm a nerd that doesn't know what second life is. Sorry! But it will be nice to read about your experiences here tough.

Rê, adorei a foto nova (sua e do Marcos aí em cima). :)))


Renata Torres said...

Oi Mary,
Tiramos esta foto domingo passado no Porcão Rio's.