Let the games begin

The Pan American games began last Friday, with a beautiful opening ceremony at Maracanã. The picture shows a little bit of the colors and lights that were used to celebrate this event that is touching all the cariocas.

But for me and Marcos, the games began yesterday. In the morning we went to Copacabana beach. We wanted to walk and enjoy the sunny day, and also, I needed to get another T-shirt at the Pan store. The day was really beautiful, the beach was crowded, very far from a winter day. Check it out in the next picture.

It was the perfect way to get prepared to our first participation in the games. At night we went to Marcanazinho, where volleyball is taking place. As I mentioned here before, the stadium is renewed, but being there and having the opportunitty to see that everything is really well organized, was a different experience.

Here in Brazil, especially in Rio, we are used to lack of organization, lack of security and people that are unprepared to deal with huge events like this. I was surprised with the organization of the games. For the first time, I had the proof that is just a matter of will, I mean, there were no "flanelinhas" around Marcanã (people that ask for money to take care of your car while it's parked at the street - non-official activity that gives the feeling that if you don't pay maybe your car could be scratched or even stolen when you come back), no parking on forbidden spots, tons of policemen. Why can't be like this forever?

Anyway, going back to the games. We had problems to find our seats, this was the only negative point of the night. We paid for the most expensive seats, hoping that they would be located near the court. But for our surprise, they were located at the top of the arena. We had a good view from there, but I wanted to be close to the teams. At least we will be at the lower part of the arena to watch the masculine volleyball game next week.
The first game was between Cuba and Puerto Rico. Of course everybody was cheering for Puerto Rico, once the cubans are the most famous oponents to the brazilian girls. Was a nice game, and obviously Cuba won.

After the game we had to wait for almost one hour and half for Brazil and Peru. But it was ok. We could feel the excitement in the stadium. It was a great game. And an easy one too. Brasil won by 3x0.


Maria Fabriani said...

Adorei as fotos, Rê! mas o que gostei mesmo foi ter falado com vocës hoje. Um beijo enorme!

Kimberly said...

Rio is stepping it up in order to beat out Chicago for the 2016 Summer games....this is war! :)

Renata Torres said...

be prepared!!